1. Japan (Updated)

    With the tragic news of the earthquake & tsunami in Japan today, UK dancehall star Gappy Ranks found himself right in the middle of it (We’ve now updated with more info). Thankfully, Gappy is safe and well, but our thoughts and prayers are going out to the dancehall artist and everyone involved in this tragic situation. Click “Read More” to view the full story and a collection of his updates throughout the day.

    After starting his trip the day before (following good luck messages from Toddla T and Lady Chann amongst others), leaving Heathrow on a direct flight to begin his tour of one of the World’s understated dancehall nations, he would have no idea what was awaiting him when he landed.

    We followed his tweets throughout the morning, giving us a first person account of what it was like in the midst of the unexpected natural disaster, just five hours after his flight landed. Here’s the transcript of Gappy’s tweets and Facebook updates in the chronological order. Heavy shit.

    • I Was Just In A Earthquake In Japan - Jeezam
    • Japan Tun Up - Don’t Fuck Wid Mama Nature
    • Dem Seh Warning Yah Now
    • Me Nah Lie Bout Shit Like That - I Was Just In A Earthquake - I’m Ok Thoe - I Think!!!!!
    • People A Die
    • we ok..we haffi go inna de street wid de people…but dem seh it nah over
    • It Start Again…Aftershocks Like Crazy - Ratiddddddddd

    Japaneses dancehall promoters and selectors Crossfire Unity Sound then had a blessed tweet for our boys Gappy and Taranchyla, who was scheduled to be touring with Gappy, after they helped them amongst the carnage that was unfolding:

    • Big up GAPPYRANKS and SpecialDMusic walked wid me 3.0km to check my family!!! Real yutes!!! Forever give thx!!

    Gaps continued to tweet despite what must have been a crazy time, letting his friends, fans and fam know he’s safe:

    • I Will Never Forget The Day I Arrived In Japan - God Guide & Protect De People
    • Yeah I’m In The Hotel
    • Japan People Are So Calm
    • Me Nah Know Bout Earthquake & Tsunami - This Is My First Hand Experience
    • De Telecom Building ketch Fire & Phones Are Down - Jah Guide One & All
    • Mother Nature Is Real & Rule
    • Big Up All The Emergancy Services In
    • Yo Pray For All Pacific Islands Yah Now
    • I Have Felt Mini Tremors In Dominica But Japan Is No Fucking Joke - Sorry For My Language Tweepz - But Me Haffi Seh It
    • I Defo Have To Write A Song Bout This Japan Earthquake - Music Is All About Life & Me Get First Hand Experience

    Obviously still recovering from the shock of what was going on, Gappy found time to shout out his promoters and “real friend”, Crossfire Unity Sound, who they had helped earlier in the day:

    • I Have To Big Up - As Soon As De First Earthquake Hit He Went Into Protect De Artist Mode - & Promoter

    Perhaps the most memorable quote of the day, and definitely proving he is a true dancehall hero:

    • I Was Smoking A Spliff On The First Earthquake & Said To Myself : This Weed Is Highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Then Me Realise What Was Gwanin

    The tweets continued as the news hit the TV stations over here, and worldwide:

    • Pray For Japan & The Pacific!!!
    • Warnings Like Madddddddddddddddd
    • That’s What I Love About - Its The Only Music That Deals With World Issues -
    • 20 Confirmed Dead - So Far

    This was the last Tweet we heard from Gappy, who after traveling all night and enduring the upheaval that’s uncovered over the last 12 hours, must be absolutely shattered. We hope he found somewhere to sleep and keeps safe. His last post of the evening was a very apt YouTube link to this track, Guide Over Us by Sizzla. Stay safe Gappy.

    Update: Gappy clocked in late last night to let everyone know he is safe and sound, commenting further on the natural disaster:

    • Thanks For All The Tweets & The Concern For My Safety In Japan - I Am Well & Strong - As Daylight Reach I Will Keep Y’all Updated!!!
    • Fuck Crazy Aftershocks
    • As Me Think It Safe De Buildings Start Move - Fuckkkkkkkk 
    • Dat 1st one 2day was crazy.. But deez likkle ones are nerve rattlin!! 
    • Jah guide & protect da less fortunate 

    Then posting this photo:

    Once again guys, keep safe out there. From everyone at SNSBL DNCHL, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected. 

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