1. Shottas

    Just finished watching the 2002 Jamaican cult-classic Shottas. For our full comments (I wouldn’t call it a review, as such) then click the “Read More” link below. Here’s the USA trailer for the movie. 

    With an all star cast including one of Jamaica’s leading actors Paul Campbell, Kymani Marley (son of Bob), dancehall hero Spragga Benz, former Fugees pioneer turned actor and politician Wycleff Jean, the movie is notorious for being bootlegged and copied months before it’s actual release. The credits actually make note of this giving "Very Special Thanks - All Bootleggers Worldwide".

    The soundtrack is fantastic, with cuts from Damien Marley, Spragga himself, Shaggy and Bounty Killer amongst others. It’s not a flick for the film buff, but with it’s great soundtrack and chance to see some of favourite cultural stars in a clean-cut high budget movie, it’s well worth watching. 

    As for the glorification of violence and the “gangsta lifestyle”, we’ll leave that to other social commentators with a wider vocabulary than us. Just enjoy it for the fun, mad movie it is. And make sure you have the speakers tun up, you don’t wanna miss any of the music.

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